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EMEI Millennials Meeting Prague 2019

04 sept. 2019

The first EMEI Millennials Meeting was launched in Prague, Czech Republic on Friday 30 August, marking the end of the ‘corporate’ summer. The meeting focused on promoting PKF values and resources and developing soft skills by young staff aspiring to become partners in their respective PKF firms. Building on the success of last year’s Youngsters Meeting in Copenhagen, (organised only for countries from the Nordic Baltics cluster), this initiative proved again to be a great opportunity for young employees to be put in the spotlight, and to motivate and empower them.

The purpose of the event was to connect attendees within the EMEI region so they can build strong relationships with each other, exchange ideas on future cooperation and show them the international possibilities that the network has to offer. The PKF network consists of member firms who are independently managed locally and bound by the global brand – the meeting aimed to show young PKF employees the wider perspectives and ways to grow not only locally but also internationally.

Attendees travelled to Prague from various PKF offices from the region: PKF Munkebo Vindelev (Copenhagen, Denmark), PKF Fi.Solutions (Paris, France), PKF Fasselt Schlage (Berlin, Cologne, Duisburg, Germany) and PKF Munich (Munich, Germany), PKF Latvia (Riga, Latvia), PKF ReVisjon (Oslo, Norway), PKF Poland (Gdansk, Katowice, Lodz, Poznan, Warsaw, Poland), PKF Portugal (Lisbon, Portugal), PKF Slovensko (Prievidza, Slovakia) and PKF Istanbul (Istanbul, Turkey).

Friday morning started with a Fun Run – our delegates gathered at 7am in front of the hotel to discover the highlights of Prague in their running shoes. A beautiful route led through the most popular places that were almost completely empty at this early hour (which is very rare in the city!), taking in the Charles Bridge, the Old Town, Letna Park and the Vltava River.

The day consisted of an overview of PKF Enabling Resources, where attendees learnt about the business resources available within the network to support their roles and personal development, followed by a presentation on activities and structure of PKF International. Attendees also looked at the vision and mission of PKF International and took a challenge to step into our PKF CEO’s shoes and try to formulate key parts of the network’s strategy.

Robert Soudny from 6K services showed participants AI solutions that help to transform traditional accounting services and optimise weary processes. Soft skills session focused on pitching for work and developing presentation competences that would help in negotiations with clients and impressing a supervisor. The conference ended with overview of PKF international programmes: PKF Global Opportunities and One Week More.

‘We are an open network, maybe I can join the PKF Board in the future and try to help next generations fulfil their ambitions and let them belong more to PKF family’ commented Emrah Cebecioğlu from PKF Istanbul, summarising opportunities that he sees for himself within the network. ‘I worked for two other brands in the past and none of them have culture of family or friendship like we have in PKF.’

On Friday afternoon, delegates t​ook part in a Ghosts & Legends tour in Prague’s Old Town. It was a very different way of visiting the city, discovering some spooky corners and horror stories, but as it was scary, it was pretty funny and entertaining at the same time. The day finished with a traditional Czech dinner in a local brewery. The delegates networked throughout the whole evening, both at the dining table, bar and even on a dance floor!  ​

The success of this meeting provides the basis to roll out more initiatives directed at young professionals. This is a great opportunity for those who want to get involved and to have a successful future through establishing strong international relationships from the start of their professional career.

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