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Major international industrial group, active notably in the automotive equipment sector, with 5,000 employees in France. Our firm provided support to the accounting department at the time of a migration to SAP: verification of the compatibility of the various charts of account, adjustment to account balances for transmission from old to new system, preparation of statutory financial statements and reinforcing the accounting teams during the transitional phase.


Building materials distributor. Fi.Solutions carries out an extensive accounting assistance assignment: preparation of monthly management reports submitted from the 1st to the 10th day after the month-end, tracking of budget vs. actual, preparation of annual financial statements and tax return, assistance at the time of the statutory audit, assistance in the event of tax audits, payroll and social security returns, assistance in the event of Social Security audits.


French subsidiary of a major German energy group. Fi.Solutions keeps the basic accounting records, prepares regular management reports, and all tax returns (VAT, annual corporate profits tax, specific taxes relating to the energy sector and local business taxes).

Pharmaceutical laboratory

A European pharmaceutical laboratory present throughout the world. Fi.Solutions is the Fiscal representative in France for VAT and Customs purposes, covering all the group's commercial activities in France. Accordingly, our firm is entrusted with the preparation of monthly VAT returns and EU intrastat forms. Fi.Solutions also takes the necessary steps to obtain repayment of any VAT credits arising.

Pharmaceutical laboratory

A leading European pharmaceutical laboratory. Fi.Solutions collects expense records and sets up the transfers to compensate participants in the laboratory's clinical drug trials in France.